Bronze is mankinds oldest alloy that is comprised of Copper and Tin in addition to other metals such as aluminium, manganese, nickel or zinc.

Bronze first appeared as early as 4000 BC and was used in both ancient jewelry and wearponry, and is renowned for its substantially higher Vickers (hardness) rating than most metals including steel and for is anti-magnetic qualities.

Modern aerospace proposes bronze in applications such as landing gear owing to its heavy loading and resilience as a material and of course its use in medals to pay homage and respect to the heroism of those serving in the different branches of the Armed forces.

Our Limited Edition Bronze AV-4042 Flyboy is designed to age with character and individuality through the eventual, rustic majesty of the oxidization and Patina that will emerge on the case through exposure to the elements.

This Limited Edition Timepiece of 300 pieces is as much an eyecatching and elegant aviation timepiece of real substance as much as it is a unique showcase of our commitment to watchmaking and our harnessing of a material synonymous with aviation.


£580 GBP


£580 GBP


£580 GBP